I'm building a new io game for fun! What should I name it 🤔
I'm designing and building the website, application & check-in system, and more for MAHacks VI: mahacks.com
I created qrcode.quest, a tool for automating simple scavenger-hunt-like experiences using QR codes.
I decided to learn Unity 2D over the weekend and built a simple portal puzzle game concept with my friend @thatrobotdev: https://bash-games.itch.io/jellyport
Simply Synonyms I'm working on a brand new release of my browser extension, Simply Synonyms.
Tetris for Slack I built a Tetris bot for Slack powered by emojis. Piece shapes are represented by boolean matrices, which are then combined and mapped to a grid of colored block emojis which gets ...
Arithmerace This was of my first "big" projects, and my first time using both Vue.js and Firebase. I created a prototype of a simple arithmetic-based multiplayer racing game called Arithmerace. It ...
Tools.bweb.app I made a small website to share some of my (and others') favorite productivity tools.
After leaving my old personal website down for months, I've finally released a much-needed new one! It's a work in progress, with much that still needs to be added, but it's already far nicer (and ...
Simply Synonyms I made a Chrome extension called Simply Synonyms for quickly finding synonyms with a double-click on any word. (github)
I'm developing a new OT-based collaboration framework for Slate.js.
Hack Club Cow I made a GPT-3 powered chatbot for Slack that thinks it's a cow.